Stretch | 2018
Stretch | 2018

Stretch | 2018


Robot Specs
  • PID controlled, 2-stage elevator
  • Left or Right auto switch scoring
  • Climb
  • Pneumatic Power Cube collector
Season Awards
  • 2018 Aerospace Valley Regional Judge’s Award

OC Regional Matches

Match #AllianceResultVideo
Qualification 5RedWin✅
Qualification 12BlueWin✅
Qualification 19BlueLoss✅
Qualification 33BlueWin✅
Qualification 40BlueWin✅
Qualification 44BlueLoss✅
Qualification 54RedWin✅
Qualification 62RedWin✅
Qualification 73RedWin✅
Qualification 84BlueTie✅
Quarter Final 4, Match 1BlueLoss✅
Quarter Final 4, Match 2BlueLoss✅
Data from The Blue Alliance

Aerospace Valley Regional Matches

Match #AllianceResultVideo
Qualification 3BlueLoss✅
Qualification 7BlueWin✅
Qualification 16BlueWin✅
Qualification 20BlueWin✅
Qualification 25RedWin✅
Qualification 34RedLoss✅
Qualification 38BlueWin✅
Qualification 44BlueLoss✅
Qualification 51RedLoss✅
Qualification 55RedWin✅
Qualification 61RedLoss✅
Qualification 71RedLoss✅
Qualification 78RedLoss✅
Quarter Final 2, Match 1BlueWin✅
Quarter Final 2, Match 2BlueWin✅
Semi Final 1, Match 1BlueLoss✅
Semi Final 1, Match 2BlueLoss✅
Data from The Blue Alliance

Beach Blitz Matches

Match #AllianceResultVideo
Qualification 2BlueWin✅
Qualification 7RedLoss✅
Qualification 17BlueWin✅
Qualification 20BlueLoss✅
Qualification 30BlueLoss✅
Qualification 33RedWin✅
Qualification 39BlueWin✅
Qualification 45BlueWin✅
Qualification 51RedLoss✅
Qualification 57RedWin✅
Quarter Final 4, Match 1RedWin✅
Quarter Final 4, Match 2RedWin✅
Semi Final 2, Match 1BlueLoss✅
Semi Final 2, Match 2BlueLoss✅
Data from The Blue Alliance

FIRST® POWER UP℠, the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition game, includes two alliances of video game characters and their human operators who are trapped in an arcade game. Both alliances are working to defeat the boss in order to escape!

Each three-team alliance prepares to defeat the boss in three ways:

  1. Control the Switches and the Scale. Robots collect Power Cubes and place them on
    Plates to control Switches or the Scale. When the Scale or their Switch is tipped in their
    favor, it is considered owned by that Alliance. Alliances work to have Ownership for as
    much time as possible.
  2. Earn Power Ups. Robots deliver Power Cubes to their humans who then place them into
    the Vault earning the Alliance Power Ups. Alliances use Power Ups to gain a temporary
    advantage during the Match. There are three Power Ups available to teams: Force, Boost,
    and Levitate.
    • Force gives the alliance ownership of the Switch, Scale, or both for a limited period of
    • Boost doubles the rate points are earned for a limited period of time
    • Levitate gives a robot a free climb
  3. Climb the Scale. Robots Climb the Scale in order to be ready to Face The Boss.