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Virtual Mid-Season Showcase

Calling all 4322 Alumni, Team Sponsors, and Families! Join us for our Virtual Mid-Season Showcase this Saturday, 2/20! Event details and RSVP information can be... Read More "Virtual Mid-Season Showcase"

2020 Build-a-Thon Fundraiser

Friends, Family, and Sponsors, we’re excited to announce our 2020 Build-a-Thon fundraiser! Building a champion robot and traveling to competition is expensive. The total cost... Read More "2020 Build-a-Thon Fundraiser"

Western Digital Donates Laptops

Western Digital Corporation has graciously donated 4 lightly used laptop computers. Our team has been in need of newer, more reliable computer hardware over the last... Read More "Western Digital Donates Laptops"

Beach Blitz 2019

Catch us competing at this year's Beach Blitz competition! Twitch Saturday, October 12th – Sunday, October 13th Read More "Beach Blitz 2019"

Clockwork Oranges

We are the Clockwork Oranges, FRC Team 4322, BSA Venturing Crew 1701, centered in the city of Orange, CA. We first started as a small team in 2011, but have now grown like oranges to influence our community.

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STEAM for Teens & Tweens

In partnership with the Orange Public Library, our team holds an event... Read More "STEAM for Teens & Tweens"

World-class Welding

As always, The Clockwork Oranges work long hard hours to be the... Read More "World-class Welding"

Let’s Build

If you have read Francesca Sarmiento’s “Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto”, you probably know... Read More "Let’s Build"

Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto

As robotics nerds, picture Bill Gates, across the nation eagerly counted down... Read More "Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto"