The Clockwork Oranges Kick “Bot”
The Clockwork Oranges Kick “Bot”

The Clockwork Oranges Kick “Bot”

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015, El Modena’s robotics team, The Clockwork Oranges (Team Number: 4322) represented our school at Battle at the Border; a tournament hosted by Team 1538 – The Holy Cows and Team 2485 – The W.A.R Lords. This event was held at the Francis Parker School in San Diego.

Frontline: How many other teams were present at the tournament?

Steven Bell: Thirty-Four teams were at the tournament, including the Clockwork Oranges.

FT: What is the idea behind having this competition?

SB: Off-season competitions are a great team building arena. They also help new members understand how the robot works and other functions and characteristics of competing.

FT: How do teams at Battle at the Border compete?

SB: The teams are randomly grouped with two other teams each math to form an alliance. The field is split into two; three robots on each side. The goal of each battle is to combine their robots functions to stake totes (boxes) and containers (trash bins). Each item you stack is a point to your team.

FT: When did you join Robotics?

SB: I joined Robotics during my junior year.

FT: What are your plans for the Clockwork Oranges?

SB: I plan to build a championship robot and win first place as well as spread STEMs throughout our community.