Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto

 As robotics nerds, picture Bill Gates, across the nation eagerly counted down to the reveal of FRC’s 2016 Stronghold game, Frontline was there among the crowd, and it was electric…and a bit solar as well. Great minds of our tech future huddled to discuss the possibilities and strategies.

   Each year FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC, releases new challenges for participating Robotics teams across the nation.  The concept of the game, simple, build a robot from scratch, program it to do amazing things like navigating a maze, manipulate objects and race against a clock and competitors for the coveted first place title, simple. This year’s theme, medieval, the object is to maneuver the robot through an ever-changing obstacle course and catapult 10” foam balls through a small opening on a castle, while warding off competitors, maintaining the integrity of the Stronghold.

   The camaraderie and devotion of the teams was inspiring and it will be interesting to see what the teams come up with on their quest for Stronghold.