Alumni Spotlight: Malcolm Bowie

The Clockwork Oranges got the chance to catch up with Malcolm Bowie, a former student of El Modena High School who is still involved with the team Team. Bowie was a part of the 2012 Robotics Club which became Team 4322. He continues to act as a mentor for the team and helps out when he has the chance.

Currently, Bowie attends the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is a Junior in his sixth semester at UW – Milwaukee. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Film/Video/New Genres and a minor in Studio Art concentrating in Design for Fabrication. He joined Robotics intending to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering; however, he was quite active in El Modena’s Media Arts program as he was in the building of the Clockwork Oranges. As he began to apply to colleges during his senior year, he realized his need to express himself through filmic art while utilizing the skills he acquired during his time on the team. He found his calling through the form of installation art he pursues at UW – Milwaukee. He “builds sculptures and destroys analog electronic equipment with the intent of examining human relationship with technology and the way we adopt hew technology while completely abandoning the old.” By pursues such complex form of art and technology, Bowie is able to pursue the skills and interests he had always wanted too.

During his time at El Modena, Robotics became a huge part of Bowie’s life and still holds the same level of importance today. FRC Competitions was the most fun he has ever had in his life up to this point. He does his best to attend all of them to witness the cooperation of all the team members and the adrenaline rush of driving the robot. He states, “the team, as well as the club, has helped me become a better reader, a smarter thinker, and an adaptive team member.” He believes that the challenges presented by FIRST Robotics Competitions stimulates minds in ways other activities do not have the capability of doing.

Every type of person can be a part of the Robotics program and the team. He encourages each member and prospective member to try everything ranging from Mechanics to Electrical to Software. He promotes the Business and Mechanical sub team as well. He concludes that robotics is more than building or coding or electronics, it is a place for everyone who wish to pursue it.