Let’s Build


If you have read Francesca Sarmiento’s “Domo Arigato…Mr. Roboto”, you probably know all about the FIRST fun we’ve had all year.

El Modena’s best and brightest, The Clockwork Oranges have entered build season. A period of six weeks where each FIRST Robotics team is required to build two robots in order to compete in FIRST STRONGHOLD.

This year about 3,000 teams from all over the world are competing in STRONGHOLD in order to win, receive recognition, and awards. The Clockwork Oranges have along with their adult mentors participated in FIRST Competitions for more than three years. By February 23rd, 2016, The Clockwork Oranges will have completed, tested, and competed their two robots for competitions.

Before each robotics team can make it to the FIRST World Championship, they must compete in Regionals and other competitions. The FIRST World Championships will be held at the Edwards Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri from April 27th to April 30th.

Let’s wish The Clockwork Oranges good luck for their hard effort and long hours spent in the robotics lab.