The Code

The Code

  • Work to the plan. Don’t deviate. You don’t know what to do? Ask the scrum master.

  • The lab is a sacred place. Treat it like a temple. Clean whatever is out of place. Personal belongings must be stored in the designated space out of the work area.

  • Be on time! Come prepared and commit yourself entirely – BAND!

  • Be thorough. Make a list, get the equipment, do the task completely, clean up, reset the workspace, and communicate to the scrum master any problems.

  • I understand = I know how to do it.

  • Get confirmation. You never know what message might not be received.

  • Keep a list, and update the scrum board.

  • Always Be Knolling. Orthogonal.

  • Take responsibility.

  • Persistence + determination = omnipotent