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2020 Sponsors

We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2020 FRC season.

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Ed & Janice Wemmer
Miguel Ceja
Adelaida Machado
Brett Baugh
Garnett Family
Jamie and Tom Baumann
Jody White-Judkins
Monica Ceja
Grecia De La Cruz
Alissa Quintero
Dana and Tom Halkowski
Rebeca Nelson
Tami Anderson
Barbara Schultz
Louie & Donna Anderson
Dwayne Miller
Debbie Baugh
Valerie and Webster Royston
Christopher Wolfram
Steven Bell
Scott & Janice Miller
Craig Clausen
Susie Clausen
John Haller and Family
Jay Cichosz
Joan and Mac McGary
Adelaida Garcia
Roberto & Teresa Quintero
Tu Family
Brenda, & Kona Whetsel
Amy Whetsel and Zach Brown
Tom & Robin Bearce
C. Paul Bowie
Jeffrey A. Tuffield
Emilio Anorve
Jim & Sandy Riley
Lil Rock
Brian Whetsel
Carl James
Carla Anderson
Alberto & Victor Ceja
Teresa Coleman
Elisa Bell
Logan Grosse
Javier Oliva
Maria Olson
Edie Crabtree
Trang Pham
De La Torre Family
Grandma Anne
Judy Tu
Jennifer Tu
Polly Duong
Marie Nguyen


Thank you for all of your generous donations!

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